a suffix forming nouns of action (birth) or abstract nouns denoting quality or condition (depth; length; warmth).


Tara Holmes utilizes her origins as a seamstress, turned stylist, to focalized her narrowed detailed shots as a now photographer.  Inspiration is drawn from the at first, unseen elements that surround her. Currently based in upstate New York, where she received her M.A. in studio art with a concentration in photography at SUNY. 

Her work has been featured by organizations such as Beekman 1802 Almanac, Out Magazine, fstop Magazine & Better Homes and Garden. 



Using photography as a tool of visual distortion, I toy with the viewers relationship to the known. By narrowing the focus to a finite scale, each shot borders on an unsettling intimacy with the viewer's relationship to the subject's stillness. Moments of thoughtless occurrence are displayed through finite details. Reminiscent of the slivers of sight one has when opening their eyes from say a tearful time. Rattling the boundaries one typically shares to the human form. Each shot impedes on the subjects somber moment in time. 



  • Beekman 1802 
  • fstop Magazine 
  • Better Home and Garden 
  • Out Magazine
  • Jute Magazine
  • Times Union
  • Berkshire Homestyle Magazine


  • International Fine Arts, Women in Focus Exhibit, 2020
  • Saratoga Arts, Regional Art Exhibit, 2020
  • Hyde Museum, Electric City Couture Collaboration, Featured Artist, 2018


Tara Holmes

Email | tara@tianenovati.com

Phone | 518-488-0273

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