THOUGHT| Generations are the grassroots for our beauty ideals

Happy Mother's Day!

Refinery 29 featured an article asking women their beauty history. There is a vast reference for beauty ideals in every medium these days. News, commercials, print and social media. But before you have the ability to access to your outside world, your world is what surrounds you. Not all of us were raised by a mother figure but in some form a present female figure is present in our world. These women form our beauty pinnacle.


There is the old saying we turn into our mothers....From an early age my mothers influence in her beauty played a heavier role in my development that ever. My morning routine consists of 10 total minutes, my mothers possibly less.


Mornings hold more than just brushing tiny teeth, preparing breakfast and making sure our children end up with socks on their feet before they hit the door. They also involve prepping our face and body for who we want the world to perceive us as. We make choices in the time and energy we devote to beauty routines. Sure when you are single and responsibilities span to no more than how you choose. When you have a little one tugging at your freshly pressed skirt for 10 more seconds of your time, you choose to leave your needs to the side. 


Does the deep rooted influences of our earliest imagery define how we spend our time?


Article referenced from Refinery29