WEXT Calender-Stylist Gig

October has been a creative venture outside the studio and behind the scenes on set. Julia Zave of Julia Zave Photography approached me to join her crew for a close to heart project for her. The project is a 12 month calender for WEXT 97.7 with a mixture of local based artists & bands. Here is the behind the scenes scoop on which artist are in the calender....

Shoot No.1-  Molly Durnin

The Photog Julia Zave setting light for the Tree House (yes I said TREE HOUSE). 

Shoot No.2- Eastbound Jesus 

Imagine an ambandoned railyard in the depths of Western New York. Five lovely rugged men not afraid to rock the work mans look. 

Shoot No.3- Maryleigh Roohan


Stylist color concoction for a quirky projection image shoot. This one is packed with objective color.

Shoot No.4- Mike Poulopoulos

In celebration of his new album release, Harvest The Heart. Mike decided to share his first tattoo experience with us and the world. Choosing his album cover image as his first tatt. The image was initially created by Nick Reinhart of Miss Dixie's Tattoo & Pin-up Parlour just for the album cover, then Mike decided to lay that  image into his pores. 

Shoot No.5  - Stellar Young

  Peering from under the gigantic LED balloons into the Stellar Young crew.