My will to create is driven by the essence of it’s existence
— Anonymous

Tain, nov, Modiest what? I hear that a lot. Tiane Novati Modiste (Ti-ane No-va-ti-mô-dêst) is creatively headed by Tara Holmes. In thought of one day having my own shop, I imagined a store sign hanging with a name that intrigued those just passing by. Using a bit of rhyme & reason with nicknames and sentiment, I developed Tiane Novati.

I found creativity in watching my mother make re/detachable sleeves & puffy fabric clip on earrings in the late 80′s. Following my mothers creativity, I decided to break free from the mass reproduction on the racks & create. The next step was the discovery of my mother’s sewing machine in my grandparents’ basement.

With my new found discovery I gave it a run, teaching oneself how to sew I became very close to the Vintage Brother machine. The Brother machine I inherited has since been upgraded about four times & adding to a collection of six vintage Singer machines.

Also inheriting a long line of women whom loved to sew & create. Great Grandma Connie was an industrial seamstress & Nanny Jeanette was a craft fair connoisseur. Making anything possible began to pour out of my fingertips, tackling anything allowed me to discover my knack of women’s accessories.

Women’s accessories give me an exhilarating feeling while creating. Women had their advantages (and of course our disadvantages) to men, but we can use accessories in anyway our minds allow us to. Pictures of my grandmother at the local dance in the late 40′s outfitted head to toe gave me the reassurance women need to pull out all the stops in accessorizing. Wearing the color black all the time can become refreshing with a simple pin or chunky necklace. Everyday regulating outfits in the workplace can now make you a focal point in the morning meeting with something deviating from the norm. Whatever awakens your accessory ancestry, Tiane hopes to become a part of your accessory collection!

Styling Services

Tiane Novati offers styling services for companies & individuals USA based (inquire internationally). Styling Services can range from editorial concept & direction, product shoots, wedding/lifestyle inspiration shoots to head shots. Creative direction whether personal styling, set prop styling, editorial direction or conceptual shoots are in need we are pleased to offer them.

Tiane flourishes in a creative environment where uninhibited aesthetics are celebrated.  Please contact our stylist Tara through email

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